Wednesday Nov 01, 2017

IT Projects:
Time & Material vs. Fixed Price

In the software development business, there are two pricing models: Time & Material and Fixed Price, both with pros & cons. It’s important to understand that there is no right answer to the question: “Which pricing model is better?”, since the question is wrong in the first place. This is what you should ask yourself: “Which pricing model is better for my project?”.

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Friday Oct 20, 2017

Superinterns – the final confrontation

Once faculties start, trainees will finish their internship at Kepler. But not before they show us what they have learned here! The Java and .NET team, each led by one of our experts, presented in front of a jury the applications they’ve worked at, in a final confrontation, whose purpose is to share ideas, to provide feedback and to discuss their experience within the company.

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Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

Tips & tricks that every programmer should know
9 rules that make a code 'great'

The contemporary world is captured by the benefits of technology, and the software code guides everything that surrounds us (from computers, to cars, to phones, to refrigerators). Codes differ in the quality of writing, even those that are intended to serve the same purpose. We wanted to find out what makes a code "excellent" and we asked our software engineers what would be the essential features to get us closer to a more accurately written code.

super code wide
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Wednesday Oct 04, 2017

Internship at Kepler – How we found our superinterns!

Every year, Kepler aims to find the brightest hidden minds through faculty banks and recruit them for an internship full of benefits:

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Tuesday Sep 05, 2017

Kids for a day

On August 15, for St. Mary, our colleagues Cristina Andrei and Oana Badea organized an outdoor special day at a Daycare shelter for underprivileged children. I went with them to document the event.

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Friday Oct 17, 2014

When Choosing Agile?

What is the best approach to achieve a software project?

As Project Manager, when we start a new software project, we always have this dilemma:
What is the best development approach to use?

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Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Shaving the Elephant (How Project Managers waste valuable time)

Time is a very precious resource for every project. However, the project team wastes time with various ineffective activities. In this document I will present how Project Managers waste valuable time and how to avoid this. Some of the topics could be also applied to the project team.

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Wednesday May 28, 2014

Monitoring VMWARE virtualization platforms with Nagios

Virtual environments require special attention due to their continually growing importance. Maintaining them on optimal parameters requires periodical specific administration tasks. However, monitoring these systems can reduce risks and improve overall performance of virtualized systems.
In this post we chose Nagios as monitoring tool, for some reasons:

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Tuesday May 27, 2014

Monitoring of IT systems

The need for network monitoring appears on every situation where critical business processes are running, regardless of the size of the network. Taking into account the specifics of network (size, types of OS), business (monitoring needs, legal, budget…) and other aspects (ease of installation and configuration, technical staff competencies,...),  a network monitoring tool must be selected.
Some monitoring tools are free...

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Friday Apr 25, 2014

The three Scrum musketeers and d’Artagnan as Project Manager

Everyone knows that the three musketeers were actually four. If the three musketeers are the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Delivery Team, then the fourth one is the Project Manager.

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Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

Active, Proactive and Adaptive Project Management

The success of any project is closely linked to the appropriate Project Management. To be effective, it must have several characteristics. In this document, I will present what it means and why the active, proactive and adaptive Project Management it’s necessary. Besides, in this order, these three attributes mark also different stages in the history of Project Management.

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Thursday Mar 13, 2014

A new challenge

Still atypical in Romania, we launch a company blog that aims to promote knowledge among colleagues as well as among clients and all our friends. We intend to promote our areas of expertize assuming you will find interesting subjects among our posts.

The subjects will include: programming, project management, process modelling and implementation, (tele) communications, products developed or distributed by Kepler-Rominfo including JIRA and Confluence.

As far as possible the posts will be written both in Romanian and English.

We wish these words will inspire dialogs with you, so we wait for your contributions and comments. Anyone interested in the proposed subjects is welcomed to our blog.

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