What are .NET Developers looking for in a company


The .NET framework is very popular and sought out for. There are a lot of technologies and platforms for application development out there, but there is an increasing number of companies that prefer to use .NET framework. That’s why .NET developers are still in high demand.

.NET (pronounced “dot net”), developed by Microsoft in the late 90s, it’s a framework that allows programmers to build applications with code across several languages. .NET framework has been employed for most applications that are created to run on the company's Windows operating system. So, it’s pretty clear that .NET is going to remain useful in the future as well, if you consider Microsoft's ubiquity in the computer world.

The need to hire qualified talent to develop .NET applications has increased since the framework is scalable and has evolved over the years with many libraries and easy to use tools.

We learned that everybody is looking for a .NET developer. But what does a .NET developer look for in a company?

For the HR department, it’s a real challenge to find a .NET developer that fits the need of the company and it’s willing to leave his current job and come to work for this company. Keep in mind that .NET developers can easily find work and they are constantly stalked by recruiters. They need to be motivated.

1. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

The best way to attract a .NET developer is to present him the salary range from the beginning. Before he would even agree to a job interview, he will see the job ad. If a .NET developer finds an attractive amount of money in the job description, he will apply. Otherwise, he will ignore the opportunity. They are already getting good money at their current job and there are many recruiters trying to hire them at any given moment. Developers know how much they worth and they will not do the routine compensation dance with a recruiter.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

2. Include them in the discussion with the client

Many software developers today complain about the Project Managers who don’t understand the special needs of a programming project or about a salesperson who makes wild promises to the client, that the development team knows it can't fulfill. .NET developers are attracted to companies that value their opinions and include them in the decision-making process. They need to be heard and included in the conversations with the client.

3. Create a casual and relaxed work environment

Programmers work better in a stress-free environment. They need to feel comfortable and relaxed to have a productive work-flow.

.NET developers will get big paychecks no matter where they go, so money is less important to them than the work conditions. They prefer a comfortable environment with friendly atmosphere, a casual dress-code and a flexible program.

4. Give them “toys”

If you want to win the heart of a .NET developer, give him toys to play. And by toys, we mean a super nice computer and a little budget to invest in some programs and tools. That’s how you can win them over. Even if they are not working on projects so complex that their PC's capabilities will make a difference on their ability to complete the project, you should still give them a super computer. Any developer will appreciate the investment.

.NET developers are more likely to apply to job ads that say they will offer a moderate budget to customize the workstation.

5. Teach them new ways

.NET programmers are open to learn and grow. Offer trainings and tools to help them expand their knowledge, and they will come knocking at your door. They also love a good challenge and most of them run from routine. If a job description mentions learning opportunities and challenging work, they will definitely apply.

6. Offer trust and respect

One of the most important things that a .NET developer is looking for in a job is respect. It took them a while to learn .NET and then it took more time to apply it. They want to be heard and trusted by their employers. Sales and management teams often get involved into a project and start pressuring the developer to move faster or do something that is not possible, because they don’t understand the process and they only care about the client.

If you trust a .NET developer to do his job and you respect his work, the results will be outstanding. Developers create the plan and they write the code, taking into consideration all aspects of the project. They have a tough job and they are autonomous. You must trust their skills and let them do their jobs.

Kepler is looking for talented .NET developers

Here at Kepler, .NET developers are always happy. We offer flexibility in the work schedule and cool new projects, so that they never get bored. We have some talented .NET seniors that organize interactive training for our young developers. We celebrate their accomplishments and help them overcome challenges. We invest time and money in our people, because we want them to evolve with us.

Now that you know more about us, how about we get to know each other? If you’re interested in being one of our specialists, send us your profile!

Let’s talk!

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