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Wednesday Nov 01, 2017

IT Projects:
Time & Material vs. Fixed Price

In the software development business, there are two pricing models: Time & Material and Fixed Price, both with pros & cons. It’s important to understand that there is no right answer to the question: “Which pricing model is better?”, since the question is wrong in the first place. This is what you should ask yourself: “Which pricing model is better for my project?”.

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Friday Oct 17, 2014

When Choosing Agile?

What is the best approach to achieve a software project?

As Project Manager, when we start a new software project, we always have this dilemma:
What is the best development approach to use?

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Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

Shaving the Elephant (How Project Managers waste valuable time)

Time is a very precious resource for every project. However, the project team wastes time with various ineffective activities. In this document I will present how Project Managers waste valuable time and how to avoid this. Some of the topics could be also applied to the project team.

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Friday Apr 25, 2014

The three Scrum musketeers and d’Artagnan as Project Manager

Everyone knows that the three musketeers were actually four. If the three musketeers are the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Delivery Team, then the fourth one is the Project Manager.

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Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

Active, Proactive and Adaptive Project Management

The success of any project is closely linked to the appropriate Project Management. To be effective, it must have several characteristics. In this document, I will present what it means and why the active, proactive and adaptive Project Management it’s necessary. Besides, in this order, these three attributes mark also different stages in the history of Project Management.

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