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Monday Nov 20, 2017

What are .NET Developers looking for in a company

The .NET framework is very popular and sought out for. There are a lot of technologies and platforms for application development out there, but there is an increasing number of companies that prefer to use .NET framework. That’s why .NET developers are still in high demand.

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Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

Tips & tricks that every programmer should know
9 rules that make a code 'great'

The contemporary world is captured by the benefits of technology, and the software code guides everything that surrounds us (from computers, to cars, to phones, to refrigerators). Codes differ in the quality of writing, even those that are intended to serve the same purpose. We wanted to find out what makes a code "excellent" and we asked our software engineers what would be the essential features to get us closer to a more accurately written code.

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