8 things to consider when looking for a job

If you are looking for a job and want to get more information about how employees are treated in a certain company, you should check the employee's turnover rate.

What is the turnover rate of employees? When employees leave a job and need to be replaced, it's called turnover. A certain rate of change is inevitable and normal, but a high rate of employee turnover can destroy a business.

For any company, regardless of the industry, staff fluctuation is important. Hiring great talent is difficult, but keeping that talent for a long time - that's the real challenge!

The loss of a good employee is a sad experience with financial costs attached. Time and resources to find another candidate for this position means that someone in the organization has to take over the tasks of the employee who left, otherwise the tasks will remain unfulfilled until they find someone new. Also, after hiring a new person, it will take months to do the job at the same level as the employee who left.

If you want to work in a friendly and educational environment, look for companies with low staff fluctuations. This indicates that the people who work there are really satisfied with their job.

If you see a company change staff every 6 months, this is a big red flag!

There are many reasons why people leave a company:

  • They are sought out by the competition
  • They want to get promotions in another company
  • They want higher wages
  • They feel like it's flattening

All this is a good reason to reconsider your desire to work within a company.

How do companies get a low rate of employee change?

1. Employ the best candidates

The first step in maintaining a low rate of staff fluctuation is to hire the right people from the start. A company must wisely choose the people they will invest time and money in. If a firm employs the right people from the start, they will not let them go so easily.

The recruitment process involves several steps and it is advisable to use each stage in order to get an idea about the company. The discussion with the HR department is a good opportunity to learn more about the company's culture and how you position yourself towards it. Discussion with the technical department will help you get an idea of your qualification for this position. The interview that you will have with a team leader or a manager gives you the opportunity to get more information about company, the colleagues and the projects.

Use your interview to discover and understand how recruiting, onboarding, and employee engagement processes work in a company.

2. Provides benefit packages

A good company will offer attractive and competitive benefits packages. Benefits packages could include: life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, membership in a gym, etc. These benefits are general, provided by most companies.


A company that appreciates its employees knows that the notion of "attractive benefits" has different meanings for different people. Have a look at how the company you want to hire identifies employees' needs so they can provide personalized benefits.

For example, Zappos offers employees 100% free coverage for medical, dental and ocular care. Employees benefit from a 40% discount on products sold by Zappos. Zappos employees also have a Ping-Pong table, a foosball machine, a mini-golf course and an outdoor basketball court. Certified trainees come to campus to teach free yoga, kickboxing and cardio classes for employees.

Another company that offers personalized benefits is Buffer. Buffer employees are spread all over the world, so a ping-pong table or a snack-bar is not a useful benefit for employees. But Buffer has some unparalleled benefits: From the first day of work at this company, employees receive a Jawbone UP that tracks your sleep, exercises and steps, and a Kindle Paperwhite with all the Kindle free books you may want.

Amazon offers its employees discounts on purchases made on Amazon. Amazon employees also enjoy paid free days and holidays and free professional assistance and support for every aspect of their personal life.

Ask in the interview what benefits the company offers and why employees consider these benefits to be important.

3. Provides fair rewards and incentives

A company with a low employee turnover rate offers a fair and appropriate pay for job responsibilities and employee qualifications. It is very important for employees to feel appreciated for their work. Words are not enough! They must be rewarded financially according to merit.


But what's more important than any financial reward? Well... incentives. Following a comprehensive study, MIT's management professor Karim Lakhani and consultant at Boston Consulting Group, Bob Wolf found that "intrinsic motivation based on pleasure, how creative a person feels when working on a project, is the most powerful and universal incentive ". In the case of open source software developers, motivation comes from the satisfaction of overcoming the challenge of a software problem and the desire to offer a gift to the developer’s community.

In the tech universe, employees place great emphasis on the opportunity to work on exciting and challenging projects. This is a stronger incentive than the financial offer, but that does not mean that the salary aspect has to be neglected.

Ask during the interview what is the offer, both financially and in terms of working opportunities.

4. Ensure a healthy balance of personal life / work

What most employees want today is a healthy balance between personal life and work. Flexible working patterns have positive effects on employee retention, as reported by the Work / Life & Flexibility study of the Boston Center for Work and Family. According to this study, Sweden has highlighting law enforcement in this area. Some examples include high-quality day care, paid parental leave for 480 days and the right to reduce work hours until the children are 8 years old.


One of the first recruiting sites in the world - Indeed has made a top of companies focusing on the balance between personal life and work. From this study, we find out that the Starbucks College's Plan of Intent provides employees with more than 20 hours a week to complete a bachelor's degree with full tuition coverage for each year of college through Arizona State University.

Another example offered by Indeed is American Express, which offers flexible working arrangements for some employees, so they can work on their own program.

People want a personal life outside the office. A good company values the free time of its employees and does not ask them to constantly stay after hours. A responsible company encourages employees to take holidays and personal days when they feel overwhelmed.

Focus on the personal / work life balance offered by the company you want to apply for a job.

5. Grants the employees a vote in certain decisions

Another way to keep your talents is to involve them in the decisions that affect their workplace and the company's overall direction. People want to be heard, even if they do not have the final vote in making a decision, they must at least have the right to an opinion. Many employees complain that they are informed of certain decisions that affect their work and careers without being asked.


Whenever possible, a company should engage its employees in discussions about the company's vision, mission, values and goals. Employees are more likely to respect and honor the values of a company if they are involved in the process of defining them.

Southwest Airlines is a recognized company that values the opinions of its employees. The employees of this company are visibly passionate about the vision and values of the company and want to contribute to increasing its success. Southwest Airlines has allowed existing employees in different departments to shape their own uniform and gave them autonomy over the aspects of their work lives that they would not receive from other companies.

Another example of a company that appreciates employees' opinion and even encourages it is ScrewFix from UK. Every two weeks, employees are given the opportunity to provide managers with unrestricted feedback. They are encouraged to provide feedback on everything - how things work, how they think things are being managed, how the company interacts with customers and participate with ideas for improvement. Among other initiatives, the result is the implementation of a new client card that accelerates the storage process, identifying customers and enabling them to make faster purchases. This would never have occurred if employees were not required to contribute.

Check out where your future employer stands on this concept.

6. Invest in employee development opportunities

A company must create growth opportunities for employees. No one will remain in the same position until he retires, when he can go to work and evolve somewhere else. It is important for employees to know that they can be promoted according to their achievements.


In addition to career growth, employees prefer to work for companies that offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. They aim to improve their skills and broaden their horizons. Writers and researchers at the Harvard Business Review have identified and described eloquently the motivational power of progress, the importance of making daily progress. If employees gain new useful skills or simply register small wins at work, this progress becomes a powerful stimulus.

Another important factor for any remaining employee is the education offered at the workplace. A company must invest in trainings and seminars for the employees, encouraging them to develop both professionally and personally.

An example of a company investing in the development of its employees is Amazon, which offers an intensive, long-term training and leadership program before hiring. Amazon pays 95% of the tuition fees for employees in the centers of completion to attend courses in application areas. Amazon also has a "Virtual Contact Center" that teaches employees how to work efficiently from home.

Ask during the interview what are the promotion opportunities and what trainings the company provides.

7. Pleasant environment

Work must take place in a pleasant environment. A company with a low employee turnover rate is paying attention to the employee's happiness. How can a company do that? Team-buildings! The company can install a ping-pong table or make a tradition like "Cake and Coffee day" or "Secret Santa". It is very important for an employee to work in a healthy and pleasant environment. Each company has its mentality to ensure a fun and relaxed work environment.


The world's most renowned company in terms of working environment is Google, who offers motorcycles, basketball courts, sleeping pods, video games and office gymnastics. Moreover, Google employees enjoy many other benefits, such as: office massage, free haircuts and unlimited access to chemical laundry.

Inform yourself about the work environment the company you want to work for.

8. Attention to details

Another way to keep employees happy is to pay attention to special occasions! It is important for a team to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or even work anniversaries or promotions.


When a team celebrates the success of a colleague, the team gets more involved. The success of an employee is also the success of the company, so it is important that the whole team participates to celebrate it.

Knowing all of this, you can start looking for companies with low turnover rates.

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And one of the most important aspects you’ll find here is that the employees represent more than a job title. Kepler encourages each and every one to be true to themselves, and we have great respect for their personal life.

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