Get paid to learn AS/400!

Kepler offers a unique opportunity for 6 talented software developers that are willing to widen their horizons and learn one of the most sought out technologies out there: IBM AS/400 and RPG.

We will select 6 candidates and we will provide a paid working contract for a duration of 3 months, in which all they will have to do is to show up and start the journey on IBM i. They will gain a strong base for IBM systems and an intro to the technologies that IBM continuously develop.

YES! You heard that right! Kepler pays you to learn a rare and sought out technology that will provide you with great career opportunities. WHY? Because we believe in it and its potential. We have built a strong community of RPG programmers over the years and we would like you to be part of it and embrace this technology.

AS/400 is a soul technology for us because it is reliable, and it had passed the test of time. Some of the qualities we appreciate most about AS/400 are: safety, stability and availability.

We believe it’s important for a software developer to know AS/400 because it is a system that has lasted so many years on the market, it has been continuously improved by IBM and it is becoming more and more open to new technologies.

During this training we will teach you everything there is to know about OS/400, DB2/400 and RPG - the heart and soul of IBM AS/400 applications:

  1. OS/400 operating system structure and specific concepts
  2. DB2/400 concepts
  3. Integrated Language Environment (ILE) concepts
  4. IBM AS/400 programming languages – RPG, CL, DDS, embedded SQL
  5. How to use various technologies with IBM AS/400

In computer science, the first language you learn is always the hardest. Once you know the fundamentals, it’s much easier to translate those skills to other languages, paradigms or platforms.

A talented programmer is a talented programmer, regardless of the language. With the right training, you’ll be a good AS/400 developer, without being limited to RPG though; IBM AS/400 platform allows programming in Java, C++, .Net, Python and is more and more integrated to the web and mobile applications.

What is AS/400?

AS/400 is the name we use to reference the old school giant that was first introduced by IBM as the AS/400 (Application System/400) in 1988. In 2006, it has been renamed to IBM i, as part of IBM's Systems branding initiative.

IBM i (AS/400) is an operating system that runs on IBM Power Systems and on IBM Pure Systems and requires little or no on-site attention from IT staff during normal operation. For example, IBM i has a built-in DB2 database which does not require separate installation, its disks multiply redundant, and can be replaced online without interrupting work and hardware and software maintenance tasks are integrated.

IBM has big plans for IBM i - Every two to three years, they release new versions of the hardware and software that feature quantum leaps forward in processing power and functionality. It has reached version 7.3.

IBM i (AS/400) continues to have unmatched compatibility, high performance, and scalability.

Why is AS/400 still relevant?

Many IT professionals want to know whether a platform that was introduced in 1988 is still relevant today. The answer to that question is: YES!

The banking industry, but not only, has a strong history with AS/400 because the platform offers an unprecedented level of security and high-availability. Basically, every industry that values security, scalability, high-availability in their servers might implement their critical software-systems on AS/400.

Along with the future iterations of the system (IBM iSeries, System i and current Power i Systems), the range is perhaps the most successful business computing platform of all time.

Learning AS/400 is a unique career opportunity and a great start that ensures a very satisfying income and job security for many years to come.

How can you get paid to learn AS/400?

If you are ready to invest time in your career, we are here to invest money and knowledge! All you have to do is to send us your CV. Hurry up! We have only 6 openings (for the moment).


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